Lisa J. Becker

Lisa J. Becker is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn but raised across the country. She moved with her three siblings and parents every three years for her Father’s work assignments. She has lived in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, Hawaii, California, Texas and Illinois.

Lisa has been writing poems and stories for her entire life; it is her passion and heart’s desire to tell stories that stir the imaginations of children and encourage a desire to read for the shear adventure each new book holds. While dreaming of being a published author, Lisa has had diverse work experience throughout her adult life as a waitress, a certified medical assistant, an examinations coordinator, a school secretary and then thirty years in finance - climbing the ranks from secretary to Vice President.

Lisa is married and lives with her husband, Mark, and their dog, Taffy, in suburban Chicago, Illinois.

Fun Fact: One evening upon exiting a Chinese Restaurant in Highland Park, Illinois, Lisa and Mark walked right into the filming of the movie “Risky Business” where they were immediately signed up as extras in the movie.

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