A sample of of the pages and people in the Aƶure House book...


Louis Lewis

Louis Lewis drives his limo all over town
except on Wednesday nights when he dresses like a clown.

He goes to Children’s Hospital, to make the patients laugh; he does magic tricks and creates balloon animals to the delight of kids, parents and staff.

His clown name is LouLou, and he brings his chihuahua, Myrtle.
He also brings Samantha, a friendly green box turtle.

Everyone is happy when LouLou comes around. He never has a problem getting a patient to turn a frown upside down.

Tears turn into giggles, crabby kids are filled with joy, and LouLou always brings them gifts: a stuffed animal or toy.

When it’s time to leave the hospital, Louis gathers up all his stuff
feeling happy to have helped the children with his turtle and his pup.

He hops into his limo and before heading for home, pulls off his rainbow wig and his red plastic nose.

Once he’s at his kitchen table with a glass of ice tea, he puts Myrtle on his lap and pets her lovingly.


Eleana Economous

Eleana Economous lives in penthouse unit A,
but her Papa’s restaurant mostly keeps her away.

Papa E’s is a busy and popular place,
and Eleana works hard there, 16 hours a day.

Cooking and waitressing and greeting the guests,
her brother, Elias, handles all of the rest.

Washing dishes and pans and cleaning the floor,
you constantly hear the whirling of their revolving front door.

If you’re eating it’s a rhythm too loud to ignore,
but if you’re in town the menu’s great to explore.

The dishes are heavenly from Papa’s mama in Greece
cooked to perfection often topped with feta cheese.

The wonderful scents of the chicken and lamb
keep the guests coming back resulting in traffic jams.

At the end of the evening when the restaurant’s closed,
Eleana sets up for breakfast then makes her way home.


Aƶure House Card Game $10

52 cards:  26 clue cards and 26 illustrations depicting each person in the book. There are many ways to play:  1. Read the clue cards (or have them read to you) and guess who the person is. 2. Match the question card to the person card. 3. Put the illustration cards in alphabetical order.  Invent your own way to play!